Turn silos of data into useful patient information

When and where you need it.

Turn silos of data into useful patient information

When and where you need it.

Turn silos of data into useful patient information

When and where you need it.


Referral Management

Streamline your workflow and improve outcomes.




Bring all your data together by connecting different sources. Secure and without effort.


Software to help you improve patient care

Thousands of patients. Hundreds of healthcare professionals. Dozens of medical disciplines. And for all of them there is one thing that really counts: the certainty of unambiguous, up-to- date and valid information. Easy, fast and flawless. This requires accurate data flow control. With smart connections that enable a smooth exchange and user-friendly access. Within one health institution, but also between different locations.

How our software makes a difference


Connect your systems with ease

Seamless exchange of data between systems.

Streamline and improve your workflow

Save time and resources through effective collaboration.

Clinical information on point

Get easy and fast access to documents when and where you need it.

Fully compliant with open standards

IHE certified and without a vendor lock-in.

Use all types of medical documents

Supports DICOM images from a PACS, lab results & medical reports.

Patient privacy guaranteed

Enabled by role based acces control and advanced auditing facilities.

Building bridges between medical systems and people

We make complex data available and accessible. Tuned to the purpose they serve. So that healthcare professionals can inform their patients appropriately. Without losing time, optimizing the use of expensive medical equipment. And always with respect for privacy and security. More comfortable and more convenient to everyone. Better care, backed by Forcare.


Now we can access all relevant cardiac information available in the region through one single interface. This has greatly improved the efficiency of patient referrals thus improving the quality of patient care.

Matty Lautenbach
Head of Cardiology Cardiac Catheterization, Medical Centre of Leeuwarden.

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