On March 26, 2014, Forcare’s CTO Mark Sinke (2nd from the left) received the IHE Champion Award 2014 in the vendor category at the Dutch national health IT convention Zorg & ICT in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This new award is granted by IHE Netherlands to people that have made a significant contribution to the progress and adoption of IHE. Through a nomination and voting procedure, Mark was selected for the award, among 4 other vendor nominees.

As IHE Netherlands put it in their nomination: “Mark has been one of the first in the Netherlands to contribute to writing software according to IHE profiles, in particular in the realm of the IT Infrastructure profiles. For many years, his technical influence was visible at IHE Connectathons and IHE Interoperability demonstrations around the world. He currently holds the position of Chief Technology Officer for Forcare, and serves as member of several international IHE committees.”

During the award ceremony, Mark expressed his thanks  to the IHE community at large, stating that “in the necessarily diverse world of healthcare systems and providers, IHE is the way to connect and share patient information, leading to improved care for the patient. IHE is fundamental to better operability, and thus to better healthcare.”

The award will get a prominent position in the Dutch Forcare office, signifying Forcare’s continued commitment to standards and their development.

Early IHE adaptor Guido Zonneveld (manager Medical IT at Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch) received the user IHE Champion Award 2014.

The original nomination (in Dutch) can be found here.

31 Mar / 2014

conhIT (Berlin, May 6-8 2014)

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Forcare will be present at conhIT 2014, held in Berlin, Germany, on May 6-8 this year. Visit our booth at Hall 1.2/E-110a.

Connecting Healthcare

Providing software solutions for Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) is our core business. A Health Information Exchange is a network, allowing our customers to exchange clinical data to support key clinical processes. Examples include imaging networks, referral networks and communication to GPs. An HIE can be built around a single hospital, or can cover a regional or national group of healthcare institutions.Key benefits of a Health Information Exchange are:

•Improving the quality of care by instant access to clinical data, inside and outside the healthcare institution.
•Improving efficiency in care processes, saving time (instant access) and cost (time, transport).
•Securing relationships with your clinical partners by providing a highly-valued information system, which supports their work flows.
•Patient-centric information access, demonstrating to your patients that care professionals spent their time caring about them – not chasing information.

We look forward to meeting you there!


31 Mar / 2014

HIMSS Middle East (Jeddah, SA, April 13-14 2014)

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Forcare will be present at the HIMSS Middle East, held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on April 13th and 14th this year. The Forcare solutions will take part in the HIMSS and IHE Interoperability Showcase.

Check the HIMSS Middle East announcement for more information.

We look forward to meeting you there!




At the North American Connectathon held in Chicago, Forcare continues to demonstrate its role as front-runner by successfully completing tests for new profiles like Cross Enterprise Workflow (XDW), Cross Enterprise Basic eReferral Workflow Definition Profile (XBeR-WD) and Mobile Access to Health Documents (MHD).

Besides testing new profiles that lay the foundation for Forcare’s next generation HIE’s, the company’s engineers demonstrated continued compliance with established profiles like XUA++ and XDS(-I).b. In total 204 tests were validated, resulting in 50 gold stars.

Forcare’s “best-in-class” role is broadly recognized within the IHE community, illustrated by the words of Gila Pyke (IHE ITI Planning Committee Co-Chair): You guys are awesome. Your long term commitment to IHE, broad implementation experience of IHE profiles, and thoughtful participation in complex ITI discussions based on that experience are a critical contribution to the success of the IHE community.

At the connectathon interoperability was demonstrated with products from other vendors active in the Health Information Exchange domain. IHE profiles are the foundation of many interoperability initiatives including epSOS, Healheway, the Canadian Infoway and form the basis of many small and larger Health Information Exchanges world-wide that Forcare contributes to.

Forcare connectathon results are available via the IHE Connectathon Results database.


This post describes a Dutch tradeshow and is available in Dutch only.

Zorg & ICT is het jaarlijks ijkpunt voor ICT en innovatie binnen de zorg. Het is de vakbeurs waar u op de hoogte raakt van de laatste ontwikkelingen voor uw specifieke beleidsterrein of vakgebied.

Er zijn grote verschuivingen gaande binnen de zorg. Zorg & ICT 2014 speelt in op deze ontwikkelingen door de thema’s EPD/ECD, domotica en eHealth extra uit te lichten. Dit sluit uitstekend aan bij de missie van Forcare. Onze innovatieve producten hebben een daadwerkelijke impact op klinische resultaten, op een manier die efficiency en kwaliteit van zorg verbetert. Voortbouwend op ons standaarden-gebaseerd portfolio van interoperabiliteitsproducten bieden wij producten die uw informatie creëren, delen en beheren in een zorgnetwerk.

Of u nu een oplossing nodig heeft om verwijzingen naar uw instelling te ondersteunen, of dat u uw klinische (beeld) data wilt delen met andere verwante zorginstellingen. De producten van Forcare garanderen een betrouwbare en veilige uitwisseling van klinische informatie zo dat uw clinici op hun patiënten kunnen focussen en de kwaliteit van uw zorg kunnen verhogen.

We nodigen u van harte uit op onze stand (#C038) om over succesvolle, nationale en internationale zorgnetwerken te leren. Deze netwerken hebben gemeen dat ze onze IHE XDS-gebaseerde producten gebruiken. Om meer over deze producten te leren kunt u onze product overzicht op deze site raadplegen.

Tot ziens op Zorg & ICT 2014!

We zien er naar uit om u te ontmoeten op onze stand.

harmForcare CEO Harm-Jan Wessels has been elected as board member of the IHE International Board. “My involvement with IHE dates back to 1998, as IHE got started in radiology and organized the first Connect-a-thons and interoperability demonstrations.”, Harm-Jan elaborates.

“I would like to continue my engagement in IHE through active participation in the IHE International Board as At-Large Representative. Based on recent involvement in Board initiatives, I aspire to make a contribution to IHE’s further growth and success. In this effort, I will strive to represent the interests of all IHE International members in our joint endeavors to make interoperability a cornerstone for better healthcare globally.”

Orlando (USA), will host the 2014 Annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference & Exhibition, Feb. 23-27, 2014, at the Orange County Convention Center. Over 29,000 healthcare industry professionals and 900 exhibitors are expected to attend and discuss cutting-edge technology and innovative healthcare solutions designed to improve patient care.

Innovations. Impact. Outcomes!

HIMSS must have thought of Forcare when creating their 2014 theme “Innovations. Impact. Outcome”. Our innovative products truly impact clinical outcomes in a way that improves the efficiency and quality of care. Building on our standards-based suite of  interoperability products we provide products that create, share and manage your information in a health information exchange.

Whether you need a solution to support referrals to your healthcare facility, or whether you are in need to share your clinical (image) data with other affiliated care facilities. Forcare products guarantee a reliable, safe and secure exchange of clinical information such that your clinicians can focus on their patients, and improve the quality of care.

We cordially invite you to visit our booth (#3309) and learn about the successful Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) globally. These HIEs have in common that they each use our IHE XDS-based products. To learn more about these products please visit our products overview.

See you @ HIMSS 2014!

We look forward to meeting you at our booth.

Visit our HIMSS 2014 page for more information


Forcare’s co-founder & CTO Mark Sinke has been nominated by IHE Netherlands for the IHE Champions Award 2014.

Mark’s nomination is a result of his relentless efforts to drive and push standards-based interoperability in healthcare. Mark has been part of IHE since its beginning, and has contributed to many IHE profiles since.  In the Netherlands Mark has co-authored the reference architecture for radiology information sharing in the Netherlands. He personally made many IHE Interoperability Demonstrations a success over the last years.

At the Dutch Zorg & ICT exhibition in March 2014 the IHE Champion will be announced. You can cast your vote via IHE Netherlands.

The award candidates present themselves by video.


In addition to the vendor Champions award IHE Netherlands also nominated Dutch care professionals for an IHE Champions Award. Forcare is equally proud that Dr. Marcel van der Linde, cardiologist in the Nij Smellinghe Hospital (Drachten, The Netherlands), and Forcare user of the first hour, has been nominated. Dr. Marcel van der Linde has been pushing for standards-based interoperability in the Frysian cardiology information sharing network build on Forcare XDS technology. He is a great supporter of IHE.



Forcare participated in the trade mission to Russia from 4 to 8 November. The cities Kazan and Moscow were visited with representatives of the Dutch ministries of Economic Affairs (EZ) and Health (VWS). In the presence of Dutch minister of healthcare, mrs. Edith Schippers, Forcare CEO Harm-Jan Wessels signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Moscow Federal Scientific and Clinical Centre of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology, for the delivery of software for clinical data exchange.

trade mission russia


Radiologists have always been sharing images. And they will continue to do so, for sub-specialty reading, for remote reading, for getting the patient a second opinion, and for many other reasons.

In this digital day and age, image sharing should be done right. It should be safe, simple, quick, and complete. It should not lock you in with a single vendor.

An image sharing network should enable exchanging all other relevant medical information as well, without the need to replicate every bit of data. When image sharing is done right, radiologists will no longer rely on unsafe sharing methods like email or memory sticks.

We connect. Our solution is built using nothing but the IHE industry standard XDS and related profiles. We implement cross-enterprise access control to keep out the unauthorized, we support fine grained patient consent rules to keep the patient in control over their data, we log all the activity regarding the access of information, and all that secured with military grade yet standard encryption technology.

Come and see our image sharing demo at the RSNA Conference in Chicago (Dec. 1 to 6, 2013). Forcare will also demo referral management, Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and Advanced Image Viewer integration.

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