Forcare – specialized in improving outcomes by interconnecting healthcare information systems

Forcare B.V. is a Dutch software company providing software products and services for healthcare. Our focus is on improving financial and clinical outcomes by providing “interoperability” between healthcare IT systems. We provide products and services that interconnect existing healthcare information systems to share and exchange patient data. Based on our solutions workflow across clinical and business domains are improved.

Forcare’s vision is that (clinical) information systems need to cooperate in creating, sharing and managing clinical patient data, both inside and outside the healthcare enterprise. Based on this approach, healthcare institutions can share clinical information and realize more efficient and flexible cooperation. This enables healthcare professionals to provide high quality care in a more efficient way.


Forcare B.V. was founded in January 2006 by Harm-Jan Wessels, Andries Hamster and Mark Sinke. Forcare is a privately-held company. The company is based in Zeist, The Netherlands. In 2013 Forcare established an office in  North-America. Forcare’s management shares a vision of building a world-class software company with international ambitions, making a difference in the healthcare IT market. The company culture is built on key values, including innovative engineering, serving our customers, professionalism, quality and open communication. The company supports a learning culture and practices information sharing and exchange to a very high degree.

Forcare employs a team of uniquely experienced and dedicated professionals.

EN ISO 13485:2003 Quality Management System

Forcare is committed to deliver software and services of outstanding quality to its partners and customers. To underline this commitment, we operate under an ISO 13485:2003 certified quality management system, covering design and development, delivery and support of our software and services. The strict ISO 13485 requirements build on the ISO 9001 quality management practices and are particular to producing products for medical/healthcare applications.

Forcare product are registered as class 1 medical devices with the FDA and CE

Forcare and IHE

Forcare is an active participant of the international “Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise” organization. Since 2007 Forcare has successfully participated in the European IHE Connectathons with industry leading results. This way, Forcare’s products are continually validated against new IHE developments.